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Short Term Independent Study

Click HERE to fill out the Short Term Request Form. 

Short Term Independent Study Guidelines for Emerson, Holmes, Harper, Davis Senior High and King High Schools Only

  • If your child attends a DJUSD Elementary school or DaVinci Charter Academy, please contact the school to request short term independent study. 
  • A student needs to be absent from school for a minimum of 5 school days per education code to qualify for short term Independent Study Program (ISP).
  • Short term independent study. requests will not be processed before September 10, 2018 and travel study must be completed by May 31, 2019.
  • Short term independent study needs to be requested at least one week in advance in order by filling out the online form (click here),  by calling 530.757.5333 or walking into the office at 526 B St. Davis and filling out the short term independent study request sheet.  The advance notice is required for the request to be processed and to give teachers time to prepare assignments.  Emergency requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 
  • Short Term Independent Study is approved for a minimum leave of 5 school days per occurrence.   Travel that extends beyond the approved dates may trigger a truancy letter since these additional days are not state approved absences. As long as the student does not incur additional unexcused absences over the course of the school year, the letter will not be followed by further action. Please note that the last day that DSIS will accept travel study requests is May 17th.  All students must return from Short Term Independent Study by May 31, 2019 to allow teacher’s grading time before school ends.
  • It is the parent/student responsibility to make copies of the short term independent study work completed (including any work submitted online) and give them to the ISP coordinator at DSIS on the first day back from short term independent study. 
  • Once the ISP packet is ready to be picked up, DSIS will contact the parents and let them know the packet is ready to pick up.

Before Short Term Independent Study:

The Master Agreement must be returned to DSIS before the first day of Short Term Independent Study.  This is a legal requirement. Failure to return the signed Master Agreement before the Short Term Independent Study will result in this being denied and the student absences will be marked as unexcused. 

  • It is the Student’s responsibility to give the assignment sheets to the classroom teachers as well as collect the assignment sheets before the start of the Short Term Independent Study. 
  • The student must complete all assigned work by the end of the Short Term Independent Study. If only partial work is completed, make copies of the work and submit to DSIS to earn partial attendance.


On the First Day Back At School:

  • Copies of all completed work and assignment sheets must be turned in to the DSIS office on the first day back at school. This includes work submitted electronically.  If the student was instructed to follow the class calendar or look online for assignments, the instructions for the assignments must be attached to the completed work.
  • Original homework and assignment sheets are turned in to your teachers.
  • NOTE: If assigned work is not turned in to DSIS after one week from returning from travel study, the student absences will be marked unexcused.

Short Term Independent Study Request Form for 7-12th Grade Students

Short Term Independent Study Request Online version

Short Term Independent Study Paper Request form, must be turned in to DSIS.

Spanish Version Short Term Independent Study Request Form 


You can also request Short Term Independent Study by calling 530-757-5333.


Please note that Independent short term independent study starts on September 10, 2018 and must be completed by May 31, 2019, with all work turned in on June 7, 2019.  The last date for accepting travel study requests is May 17, 2019.