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Secondary Enrollment Options

DSIS Course Catalog

Which Enrollment Option is Best for You?

DSIS Only Students  These students are full time DSIS students and typically are enrolled in 6 or 7 classes each semester. These students are not enrolled in another school in the district.


Split Site / Concurrent Enrollment Students  These students are enrolled for part of their educational program at DSIS and part at Emerson Junior High, Harper Junior High, Holmes Junior High, or Davis Senior High School. A concurrent-enrollment student typically is enrolled in no more than a total of 7 classes, with 4 or more classes at DSIS and 3 or less at the comprehensive school site.


Priority for Enrollment

When the demand for enrollment exceeds the staffing capacity, priority will be given on the following basis:

  1. DSIS enrollment on a full time basis requested.
  2. Concurrent enrollment is requested in which DSIS provides the majority of the student's instructional program.
  3. Concurrent enrollment is requested in which comprehensive secondary school provides the majority of the student's instructional program.

Blended Classes at DSIS

DSIS offers small group classes on-site in Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Art. Students are expected to complete most of their work independently. Classes meet one to three days a week and have limited enrollment. Students enrolled at DSIS have priority placement in the classes. Students from other sites will not be admitted to DSIS small group classes in cases where a desired class may be full. In those cases, the counseling and administrative staff at the comprehensive secondary school will work with the parent and student to resolve the problem.

These classes meet requirements for DJUSD high school graduation.  Some classes also meet a-g requirements for the University of California and California State University.

In addition, you will access assignments, lectures, guides, and other class materials online. If you do not have Internet access at home, you can use the DSIS computer lab or the Davis High Academic Center computers during the times those facilities are open.

An average student will need to spend five hours of concentrated effort each week, in addition to the weekly class, in order to succeed in this class.

Is a Blended Online Class Right For You? 

Students who are successful in blended online classes share some of the same characteristics:

  • Can work independently without an adult to make sure they stay on track
  • Can set a schedule and stick to it
  • Are self-motivated to do well in class
  • Are resourceful enough to seek out help if they have trouble with an assignment or online task
  • Are good at following written directions

If you do not attend weekly class meetings, or complete weekly work, then this blended online class is not for you, and you will be referred to another class where you can receive the support you need.