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Parent Resources

Where to Drop Off and Pick up your Students

The parking lot at DSIS/District Office is a very busy place.  There is constant traffic with staff and visitors coming and going.  Last year we had close encounters where people driving in the parking lot almost hit students who were being dropped off or picked up.  We understand the frustrations of trying to find a parking spot or a place to drop or pick up your student.  In order to keep your students safe, we are asking parents/guardians to drop your children off for DSIS classes in front of the building along B Street.  This will help to decrease congestion in the parking lot area and will also keep your children safe as they will not have to walk in the parking lot.  There is two hour parking in front of DSIS/District Office on B street where you can pull over to drop your child off or wait for your child.  Two hour parking is also available along C street.

Also remember that the parking lot at DSIS/District Office has very few visitor parking spots.  All other parking spots are reserved for staff.  Please make sure that you only park in a visitor spot and do not block access to any of the reserved spots.  The area in front of the bike racks should not be used as a parking and/or waiting spot as we need this spot for emergency vehicles. 

Secondary Parent Responsibilities

  • Ensure that your student is aware of the school’s expectations and maintain active involvement with your child’s learning to achieve success.
  • Ensure that your student has a study area that allows him/her to concentrate on completing school assignments away from school.
  • Maintain good communication with your student’s teacher(s) to ensure a solid home-school connection.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork and return it to the school by the dates requested (e.g. enrollment forms, master written agreements).
  • Become familiar with the information and expectations listed on the master agreement form prior to signing and submitting the form authorizing independent study.
  • Notify your student’s teacher of any student absences.
  • Please make sure that you keep your contacts and the student’s emergency contacts updated.

Elementary Homeschool Parent-Teacher Responsibilities

  • Meet with the DSIS teacher to create a learning plan for the student and establish a written Master Agreement for the school year.
  • Provide home instruction for the student using appropriate resources as agreed upon through the written Master Agreement.
  • Provide student with regular supervised instruction and a variety of learning experiences which may include work assignments, field trips, projects, discussions and active observations.
  • Provide support and encouragement.
  • Record activities and assignments completed on the weekly assignment sheet.
  • Parents will bring representative samples of student work to share with DSIS teacher and for the student’s portfolio.
  • Attend regularly scheduled appointments with the DSIS teacher.
  • Provide feedback to the supervising teacher at the conclusion of each semester for the purpose of evaluating the student’s semester activities and assessing progress.


The only excused absences will be if the student has to report for jury duty or other required court hearings.

If you are unable to come to school because of illness or family crisis, have your parent call in advance of your scheduled meeting to alert your teacher. Doctor or dentist appointments, babysitting, or preferred activities are not acceptable excuses for absences.

For students who attend split-site schools, it is the parents responsibility to notify the other school of any absences.