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DSIS Pictures

Craft and Cookie Day December 2017

DSIS HomeSchool Students Help Hatch Salmon Eggs

November Fun at DSIS

Student Fun at DSIS

Back to School Night 2017

DSIS Science and Geography Fair

100th Day at DSIS

Read Across America Day at DSIS

Elementary Snowmen!

Craft Day at DSIS 2016

Apple Pie Day at DSIS 2016

Halloween at DSIS 2016

Halloween at DSIS 2016

Foster Kitten Visit at the Elementary Workshop

Impossible Acres Field Trip October 2016

DSIS HomeSchool Students in Action!

Daikon Radish from our School Garden

Daikon Radish from our School Garden

DSIS Salmon Release

2015 DSIS Craft Day Fun!

DSIS Art Survey Students Amazing Art Work

DSIS Art Survey Students Amazing Art Work

Apple Pie Day at DSIS 2015

Congratulations to DSIS Elementary Students who competed in the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF)


DSIS would like to extend congratulations to Tess Boutin, Lila Boutin and Ella Argyers for receiving Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) the Meritorious Achievement Award!   

The details of the project:

Three of us who are elementary students at DSIS have completed a project for the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF), which is run by the University of Central Florida (UCF).  They asked us to identify a problem in our community and research it using the internet. Then, we designed a solution in detail with input from technical advisors.  The problem and solution needed to fit into a National Critical Technology (NCT), which is a technological category designated by the U.S. government to be important to problems in science for the United States.  We then created a website on our chosen topic, using the specific guidelines detailed on the ISTF website (istf.ucf.edu).  National judging of all students’ websites will take place throughout the spring.

The problem that our team chose is Varroa destructor mites infesting bee hives.  Through pollination, bees provide humans with 1/3 of the food we eat, but their population is rapidly diminishing due to colony collapse disorder (CCD).  One prominent cause of CCD is this Varroa destructor mite, an arachnid that attaches to foraging bees, gaining access to hives and feeding on bees!  Bees are weakened from mites feeding on the bees' hemolymph.  Even more dangerous to a colony, however, is the efficient transmission of viruses by the mites.  The afflicted bee is exposed to ribonucleic acid viruses, such as deformed wing virus.  These viruses are carried by the mite from one bee host and transmitted directly into the circulatory system of other bee hosts while the mite is feeding, spreading treacherously throughout the colony.  Rapid mite reproduction, combined with the spreading of disease, can wipe out a whole colony or even a set of colonies nearby each other! 

So, we have designed a potential solution for this problem.  This solution applies our chosen NCT Technical Application, which is Ecosystem Management.  This technical application falls under the category of Living Systems, and the sub-category that we chose from Living Systems is Sustainable Agriculture Production. Because we are trying to help bees get rid of the Varroa destructor mites, we call our project '“Mite” This Help Bees?’.  Before returning to their hives, bees could be channeled through areas with decelerating structures (funnels) and deceptive scents, prompting the mites to drop off the bees and into a trap!  More bees would survive, allowing more sustainable crop pollination.  

We hope you enjoy reading the details of the problem and solution, as well as viewing our design on our website!


DSIS Class of 2015

DSIS Class of 2015

2014-2015 DSIS Elementary HomeSchool Program

      Kindergarten Moving to 1st Grade!


     1st Grade Moving to 2nd Grade!


    2nd Grade Moving to 3rd Grade! 


   3rd Grade Moving to 4th Grade!


   5th Grade Moving to 6th Grade! 



  6th Grade Moving to 7th Grade! 


 8th Grade Moving to 9th Grade!



Congrats to all DSIS HomeSchool Students! 


Elementary Chicks!

The Elementary Homeschool students watched baby chicks hatch and grow! 

The Elementary Homeschool students harvested garlic! 

Garlic Harvest 2015.jpg
This group of DSIS students along with David (elizabeth's student) were an excellent help at the Davis Double Century! They all helped at the West Plainfield Fire Department which is the 9th and final rest stop of the Davis Double Century. These DSIS volunteers by gave riders ice, water, sodas, grilled cheese sandwiches, chili, fruit and chips.  Everyone stayed for at least five hours and a few volunteered for over 8 hours! 

Double Century Race.jpg

First Annual Senior Dinner!

DSIS Seniors enjoyed the First Annual Senior Dinner!  Pizza and games were a huge hit! 




STEM Workshops

DSIS Student Jack Collins Participated in the Lucky Run in Davis

DSIS Talent Show

DSIS Teachers at the California Consortium for Independent Study Conference

Mind Storm Building Robots

Mrs. Blake's Class Studying the Christmas Carole

Pumpkin Patch October 2014

Credit Union Field Trip

Welcome Back Elementary Pancake Breakfast

Apple Pie Day at DSIS

Math Night at DSIS

DSIS Thanksgiving Feast

Halloween Fun at DSIS

DSIS Class of 2014