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Davis School for Independent Study provides an academically challenging course of study in an enriching educational environment that considers and supports each student as it fosters academic, personal, and social growth.


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We All Belong Safe and Welcoming Schools. Check out the DJUSD webpage here.


DSIS Recycles Cartridges!

DSIS Recycles Cartridges!

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Congratulations to Megan Kennedy DSIS May Student of the Month!

I am happy to acknowledge and celebrate the Sunrise Rotary Student of the Month from DSIS, Megan Kennedy. With her dedication to her academics and her kind, courteous, and considerate nature, Megan embodies all of the values that we extol here at DSIS. The entire staff is excited to continue working with Megan in the coming years, and doubly excited to see where the future takes her. Her intellectual curiosity and assiduous attention to her academic growth will undoubtedly make her an invaluable asset to the community of Davis. Wherever she goes, I hope she knows that our school will always be a safe and welcoming place of support for her, and that the staff at DSIS will always be very proud of her. Teacher Adam Myers

Spirit Day at DSIS

Enrollment at DSIS

DSIS is no longer taking applications for the 2016-2017 school year.  If you are  interested in enrolling your student at DSIS for the 2017-18  school year and the student is in grades 7-12, please call the office at 530.757.5333 to register for the next student / parent information meeting that will take place on May 22nd starting at 4:45.   Please note that this is the first step in enrolling at DSIS.  At this mandatory meeting, parents and students will learn about DSIS and will be able to make a determination as to whether DSIS is a good fit for the student.  Within two days after this meeting, the student will return to DSIS to write a short essay and turn in their application.  Once these two items have been received, the school counselor will schedule meetings with the student, parent and current school counselor to determine what courses the student will take.  The entire process takes two weeks, depending on individual students.  If the student is currently on an IEP or 504, meetings will need to be held before enrollment in DSIS to make sure that DSIS is an appropriate option for the student.

Please do not forget to call or email the secretary at cmartell@djusd.net to sign up for the meeting.  Please provide the following information: student name, parent name, grade for the next school year, current school and a phone number that we can call and remind you about the meeting.   Meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Monday of each month.  

If you have a student in grades k-6, please call the office at 530.757.5333, ext. 370 to make an appointment with the counselor.

We welcome all prospective students to contact DSIS to see if this is the right program for them.  


Check out the DSIS Kudos Board! Anyone can leave a message!


#Love4DJUSDstaff: Celebrate an outstanding DJUSD employee Has there been a teacher, counselor, principal, secretary, custodian or other school employee who has made a big difference to you and your family? Help us recognize the excellence of Davis Joint Unified School District employees by emailing your celebration to Love4DJUSDstaff@djusd.net (photos optional). We plan to post your submissions on our DJUSD Recognition webpage. You can also make a comment on the DJUSD Facebook page; be sure to use the hashtag #Love4DJUSDstaff in your comment! 

Tutoring Requests

DSIS will start taking tutoring requests in the fall for the 2016/17 school year.  If you need a form, please stop in the office or click here to download a request form.  Thank you to the excellent UC Davis student tutors for participating in this program! 




 Davis Joint Unified School District, in partnership with the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency, announces that the Valley Oak Preschools (including Headstart), and the Adult Living Skills Program will be closed for one day on Friday, May 26, 2017, due to the outbreak of Norovirus.


Norovirus can cause stomach pain, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and more than 3,000 students have been ill for the last three weeks in Yolo County. Our school has worked hard to prevent Norovirus from spreading; however, our school continues to see an increase in sick students at a higher percentage than most schools in the county.  The decision to close our specific school site for this one date was made because of the percentage of students and staff in our programs that have reported symptoms over the last three weeks.


To prevent spread of the virus and to perform further deep cleaning/disinfection of our site, the school will be closed on Friday, May 26, 2017 and will reopen on Tuesday, May 30.  We apologize for the short notice and understand how this can affect families, but we need to take a more aggressive approach to end the outbreak.


See Attached Letter


The following update is for all DJUSD employees and DJUSD parents/guardians.


                                                NOROVIRUS UPDATE

May 19, 2017  



The following is updated information about the recent outbreak of the Norovirus in our region and school district.


What is the Norovirus?

According to County Health officials, Norovirus is a highly contagious gastrointestinal virus. Symptoms may include stomach cramps, fever, nauseau, vomiting and diarrhea. The virus is passed through touching surfaces contaminated with the virus, close contact with an infected person or eating contaminated food or drink.  County Health experts report that the spread of virus is continuing and encourage the public to take extra precautions to curb the spread. Visit Yolo County Norovirus website and Press Releases.


What should I do to protect myself and others from the virus?

There are three key actions you can take to help prevent the spread of Norovirus:

  1. Report absences related to stomach illness symptoms to your school office.
  2. Encourage the practice of regular hand washing, especially before meals.
  3. Stay home an additional 48 hours after symptoms resolve. (Health experts warn that individuals are still highly contagious in this timeframe.)

Has the Norovirus affected Davis schools?

Norovirus cases have been confirmed in our schools. Over the last two weeks, the numbers of new cases do not appear to be growing rapidly.  We continue to see reported absences across the district, but the attendance rates are generally remaining steady.  That said, because this virus outbreak is highly contagious and the County Health experts have told us the spread has not peaked, we anticipate we will continue to see Norovirus absences throughout the end of the school year.  Certain school campuses have reported more staff or student cases than others, but, at this time, the virus is not disrupting normal school operations at any campus.


What is DJUSD doing to protect schools and students?

DJUSD is taking a three-pronged approach to addressing the current health situation:

  1. Daily Monitoring of Possible Cases and Regional Coordination

Over the last two weeks, our schools have have been tracking absences of students and employees with symptoms that may be caused by the Norovirus. Lead district adminstrators have been monitoring the numbers and trends as well as particpating in regular teleconferences led by Yolo County officials to talk about regional trends, cleaning recommendations, health updates and recommendations.

  1. Disinfecting and Deep Cleaning Efforts across Campuses and in Targeted Areas

Ensuring that we keep students and school learning environments safe and clean is a top priority.  DJUSD is diligently deploying extra resources to combat the spread of the Norovirus in our schools with the use of proper disinfecting agents. By tracking new cases on a daily basis and coordinating with county and federal entities about proper chemical use, we are able to target additional resources appropriately and effectively.  Custodians are working throughout the day to respond to calls as well as to cleanse and disinfect high contact point surfaces (doorknobs, restrooms, water fountains, keypads, etc.)  Additionally, our maintenance team is deploying crews to schools for evening and weekend deep cleaning.

  1. Education and Communication to Employees and the School Community

Keeping the community up to date on the current situation is a priority. DJUSD has issued a series of updates for employees and school site leaders. In addition to this communication, an update went out to all DJUSD parents/guardians early last week.   Updates, press releases and information from County Health continue to be shared on the DJUSD website, School Loop News and on the Davis Joint Unified School District Facebook Page. The school district continues to respond to inquiries from local news media almost daily.  If you have specific questions about the  Norovirus and what is happening in our school district, please contact your school principal or our Public Information Officer, Maria Clayton at mclayton@djusd.net.



With the advent of warmer weather, we wanted to provide a reminder of the DJUSD Dress Code.  Please make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the school day so that you do not disrupt the learning environment.

Dress Code

Our goals are to promote school safety and enhance the learning environment, while at the same time discourage distractions that inhibit learning.


If a student’s dress is not in accordance with this policy, any staff member may ask the student to make an appropriate correction.

  1. Student dress shall be safe and appropriate, and not disturb the educational environment. (For example: collars or bracelets with spikes and clothing with revealing holes and cutouts are inappropriate for school wear.)
  1. Clothing may not glorify, advertise, or reference drugs, alcohol, tobacco, tobacco products, violence, vulgarity, sexual behavior, or obscenities in any way, shape or form.
  1. Footwear must be worn at all times. Footwear must be safe, practical, and not limit student participation in school activities.
  1. Clothing, backpacks, tattoos, and other adornment may not demonstrate or suggest gang-related symbols, or colors.  No bandanas are allowed at school.
  2. Undergarments/underwear must be covered at all times.
  1. Shirts and blouses must cover the stomach and chest. Shirts and pants/skirts must be touching in both front and back, and shirts must not be see-through or strapless.
  1. Clothing must cover buttocks completely whether standing, sitting, walking, or bending.

Generally, students who do not follow the dress code will be referred to the office to correct the issue.  Corrective action may include changing into PE clothes, wearing a t-shirt provided by the school or in certain circumstances being sent home to change.  All corrective actions will be reported to parents/guardians.  This dress code applies to all school activities, including before and after school extracurricular events such as dances (at other sites) and field trips.


What Inspires DSIS Students?

Have you ever wondered what inspires DSIS students to do such great work?  We have posed that very question to DSIS students and staff and the office bulletin board is slowly getting inspirational messages.  We encourage every student to exercise their voice and thoughts by submitting something that touches or inspires them.  This board is quickly becoming a source of inspiration, please help us keep the board growing!


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Dropping Students off at DSIS

The parking lot at DSIS/District Office is a very busy place.  There is constant traffic with staff and visitors coming and going.  Last year we had close encounters where people driving in the parking lot almost hit students who were being dropped off or picked up.  We understand the frustrations of trying to find a parking spot or a place to drop or pick up your student.  In order to keep your students safe, we are asking parents/guardians to drop your children off for DSIS classes in front of the building along B Street.  This will help to decrease congestion in the parking lot area and will also keep your children safe as they will not have to walk in the parking lot.  There is two hour parking in front of DSIS/District Office on B street where you can pull over to drop your child off or wait for your child.  Two hour parking is also available along C street.

Also remember that the parking lot at DSIS/District Office has very few visitor parking spots.  All other parking spots are reserved for staff.  Please make sure that you only park in a visitor spot and do not block access to any of the reserved spots.  The area in front of the bike racks should not be used as a parking and/or waiting spot as we need this spot for emergency vehicles. 

DSIS Holds Mock Election - Clinton Wins with DSIS Students!

DSIS Students In Action

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Parking at DSIS

Parking at DSIS can be tricky. Please remember that the parking lot is for DSIS and District Office employees only. Parking spots are assigned to employees and at times 2 employees share a spot, so parking in one may result in you being blocked in by an employee that may not be able to move their car immediately. There is 2 hour parking on the street. Please click here for City of Davis parking rules and regulations. You may also click here for a map of city parking permits surrounding DSIS. 

Pictures Have Moved

Check out the new DSIS picture page and see DSIS students in action! 

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